I Don’t Want to be Pregnant. Is Abortion My Only Option?

If you recently discovered you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you may be wondering what other options are available aside from abortion. Your hesitation to pursue abortion may be out of a desire to avoid the health risks of an abortion procedure, or you may have had an abortion before and suffered physical or mental health complications.

The good news is there are other options for you to consider, and we’ll cover those in this blog.

Do I Have To Tell My Partner I Want an Abortion?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is difficult. Part of that difficulty can be engaging with your partner about the pregnancy and their involvement in making the final decision.

If you’ve decided to have an abortion, you may wonder whether you must inform your partner of the decision.


Is an Online or At-Home Abortion Safe?

If you are pregnant and not sure what to do about it, you may be considering an abortion. 

While an online or “at-home” abortion may seem like an easy and convenient option, any type of abortion is a serious medical procedure. There are several facts and risks you need to be aware of for the sake of your health.

Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and are considering abortion you may be wondering if going to a women’s medical clinic like Hope Clinic for Women is a good option.If you have an unplanned pregnancy and are considering abortion you may be wondering if going to a women’s medical clinic like Hope Clinic for Women is a good option.

How Can I Recover Emotionally After an Abortion?

If you are struggling emotionally after an abortion, you are not alone. Recent studies and research have shown a connection between abortion and side effects that can impact your mental health and emotions.

3 Things Needed Before an Abortion

If you find yourself facing an unexpected pregnancy, it can be an overwhelming and confusing time. It's important to consider all of your options, including abortion, but before you make any decisions, there are three essential steps you should take

Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy you may be feeling overwhelmed and scared. Doubts about whether you can care for a child may have you weighing what options you have available to deal with your pregnancy, including abortion and adoption.


What are the Signs of an Incomplete Abortion?

Whether you are considering an abortion, or have already had an abortion, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects and risks you may face, including incomplete abortion.

What Are the Mental Health Effects From Abortion?

Just like any other medical procedure or prescription medicine, an abortion has a chance of risks or side effects. But while you may be familiar with the physical risks of abortion you are likely unaware of the risks an abortion can have on your mental health.

What Are The Different Types of Abortion?

Seeing that positive pregnancy test staring back at you can be devastating. What about your life? All your plans? If you’re thinking about abortion, take a minute to understand your options and the possible risks. 


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