Parenting can be a struggle at any age no matter what the circumstances. HCW offers the help you need to consider a plan to parent. Make an appointment to find out more

We also. know there are no perfect circumstances and certainly no perfect parents. Our role at HCW is to encourage, educate and get resources to our clients in order for them to see their own situation clearly, thereby providing them with the tools, and most importantly, the hope necessary to make the best choices for the lives of both their children and themselves. In short, we want to see our clients become the best parents that they can be.

HCW helps our clients who choose parenting to realistically evaluate their own circumstance and develop a plan to meet individual needs and goals. The father of the child is always welcome.

If you choose to parent your child it may mean that you are on your own. Others may have the support of the father or their parents or extended family. Regardless of what kind of support you have, you are accepting the responsibility for the life of another person when you choose to parent your child. In your community you will benefit greatly from getting involved with mother’s support groups like MOPS. If you go to church or are involved in other community groups you can choose to develop relationships with other mothers and set up play “dates” for your children and benefit from time getting to know other moms personally. The risk of isolating yourself once your baby is born is that you may feel overwhelmed and not realize that the problems you may deal with as a young mother are common to all mothers. If you are single the issues you face will multiply depending on your education, finances an living arrangements.

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