GED Completion Program

Hope Clinic for Women recognizes that many of the women who come to us are facing an incomplete high school education and that is their greatest obstacle. This puts young mothers at risk of falling into an unplanned pregnancy, poverty, and homelessness. We have a strong group of  trained volunteers who focus on preparing the women in our programs to take their GED tests.

To apply for the program, please visit us and fill out an application and complete a pre-test to determine eligibility for the program. Our GED Completion Program for women is led by professional teachers and meets on Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm to 8:00pm during the school year (September to May). One-on-one tutoring, study materials, group lessons, and practice tests are all provided free! Hope Clinic for Women will help you schedule your GED test when you are ready and cover the cost of the first attempt for each test (there are 4 tests and each test is $37.50). This program is also available for men through one-on-one coaching. Contact Us for more information!

For more information, please contact Executive Director at 760-728-4105 ext 10. A GED volunteer will contact you for class availability as there is a waiting list.