So, you just found out your partner is pregnant. There are probably lots of different thoughts going on in your head, like “How can I afford to be a father?”,  “I’m not ready”, “I can’t do this, not now”, “I don’t know how to be a dad.”… or “Is this really happening?”

Whatever your initial thought was, eventually you might start getting excited about the idea. “Will it be a boy or a girl?”, “What will be her name?”, “How will she look?”.
One of the most important things you can do right now, however, is think about how your girlfriend or wife feels. Is she doing, okay? Does she want you to accompany her to her appointments?

We have male coaches that will assist you in the parenting process and more. Once you schedule an appointment you will be qualified for parenting classes, can participate in a monthly Guy’s Night Out, and earn cash for any  participation in the HCW fatherhood program.