Do I Have To Tell My Partner I Want an Abortion?
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Do I Have To Tell My Partner I Want an Abortion?

Finding out you’re pregnant can be overwhelming, but deciding on a pregnancy decision can be even more stressful. You are not alone as you decide what’s best for you. If you are considering abortion and wondering if you should tell your partner, here are some strategies you can take to make the conversation feel less intimidating. 

If it is safe to do so, feel better prepared to tell your partner about your pregnancy and your intended decision. For support, connect with our compassionate team to get more answers about your pregnancy and your options. 

Telling Your Partner the News

Your partner will be impacted by whatever decision you make. To start the conversation, express your feelings to your partner rather than just what option you’re thinking over. Explain your “why” will mentally prepare him for the reasons you are considering abortion. 

Think about the practicals before having the conversation. Think about a good time that works best for both of you so you can be present and have fewer distractions. 

Consider Your Partner’s Input

As much as you may be convinced about your pregnancy decision, it’s important to hear your partner out. Do your best to listen to his questions and concerns about your options.

Maybe he wants to parent or choose adoption. Or he could be concerned about the risks of abortion. Your partner may have input and advice that you haven’t thought of yet. 

Though the final decision is yours, your partner’s future will be impacted in a major way by whichever decision you make next.

Your Safety is Number One

Your safety is important to protect if you have any hesitation about telling your partner due to your safety. You are not obligated to share the news of your pregnancy or your pregnancy decision if you don’t feel safe talking with your partner. Discuss your options with someone you trust and can confide in.

Try to talk to at least one person about your situation before making your pregnancy decision. 

Get Support Today

If you are considering abortion, we can go over the hard questions, discuss the risks to your health, and determine if you are eligible for pregnancy confirmation.

No matter your decision, we will always be here for you. Remember, you are not alone. Schedule a free and confidential appointment today.

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