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I Don’t Want to be Pregnant. Is Abortion My Only Option?

If you recently discovered you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you may be wondering what other options are available aside from abortion. Your hesitation to pursue abortion may be out of a desire to avoid the health risks of an abortion procedure, or you may have had an abortion before and suffered physical or mental health complications.

The good news is there are other options for you to consider, and we’ll cover those in this blog.

Alternatives to Abortion

There are two options other than abortion: 

  • Parenting
  • Adoption


The thought of parenting can feel overwhelming to you, but the reality is many parents feel that way before their baby is born. You may also think that the plans for your life have to change or you have to put your dreams on hold as the result of a pregnancy, but that isn’t the case at all.

Thanks to resources in your community, you can have your baby and still pursue your school, career, and plans for your life. 

These resources can include support groups with other moms, childcare assistance during your schooling or work, and programs to help purchase food and diapers.

With the right support, you can be empowered to parent well and achieve your goals and dreams.


Thanks to American laws and cultural developments, adoption has changed in the past several years.

As the birth mother, not only are your medical care appointments and hospital delivery paid for while you are pregnant, but you also get the final say in what family adopts your child and what type of adoption you want.

The main types of modern adoption are:

  • Open adoption: You can choose the family you want to adopt your baby and keep in contact with them. You can decide how involved you want to be in the baby's life together.
  • Semi-open adoption: You can still have contact with the baby, but a professional adoption agency will help manage communication between you, the baby, and the adoptive family, keeping your identifying information confidential.
  • Closed adoption: You won't have contact with the baby, and all parties’ identities are kept confidential. The court keeps adoption records sealed.

Get the Help You Need

We know an unexpected pregnancy can make you feel scared and confused, but learning all your options and what resources are available to you can empower you to make the best decision for yourself and your future.

The team at Hope Clinic for Women is here for you: ready to talk, listen, answer your questions, and help give you the peace of mind you need to make the very best decision.

Contact us today to schedule a free and confidential appointment and start getting the support you deserve.

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