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What Are the Risks of Abortion?

Abortions are marketed as an easy and effective method for terminating a pregnancy. But is that the whole truth? For women considering abortion, take a few minutes to read through the risks involved in abortions and learn how to protect your physical and mental health during the process. 

Medical Abortion

Women in the early stages of pregnancy may think a medical abortion is the best choice. However, medical abortions, commonly referred to as the abortion pill, are only effective up until the 10th week of pregnancy and are not recommended for women who have an IUD or a history of certain heart and liver issues. 


Risks and side effects of a medical abortion include heavy bleeding, infection, digestive system discomfort, or sepsis. 


The Mayo Clinic reports 10-20% of all pregnancies will naturally miscarry.  Before you put your body through an abortion, visit our clinic to confirm your pregnancy is still viable. 

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortions are generally used for pregnancies more than 12 weeks along. The procedure is done in a clinic or hospital. The method of extraction can vary, but it begins by dilating the cervix and using either forceps or a suction device to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. 


Risks for a surgical abortion can be more severe than with the abortion pill. Women have reported side effects such as:

-Perforation of the uterus

-Damage to the cervix

-Scar tissue on the uterine wall


Be Informed, Feel Confident 

Our goal at Hope Clinic for Women is to inform. We care about your health and emotional well-being regardless if you decide abortion is the right choice for you. 


If you have questions about your pregnancy termination options, we’re here for you. We recommend visiting our clinic for a no-cost ultrasound to rule out any complications before setting up a termination procedure. 

You have options. If you feel uneasy about an abortion, come talk with one of our qualified staff members for more information. Reach out to us anytime at 760-728-4105.

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